Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat


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Are you one of the millions who are hoping for a magic which can miraculously cure the belly fat? Those little love handles drive you crazy when you look at yourself in the mirror? Well here I don’t have a miraculous cure to offer however by religiously following the exercises given later on this page will surely help you to rediscover that flat stomach that you have been longing for.


Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat


Main Reasons of Belly Fat


The immediate reason behind the bulging fat is the energy imbalance in the body. The total usable calories ingested by a person exceeds than those expended, released or discarded via elimination. However there can be other reasons too such as:

– Over eating

– Eating unhealthy foods

– Sedentary lifestyle / Inactivity

– Stress

– Metabolism

– Hormonal imbalance

– Hereditary

– Improper digestion


Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Belly


How Does Exercising Help In Reducing Belly Fat?


The most important thing that everyone should make clear about exercising is that exercises don’t work on fat. Yes, you have read it correctly, they really don’t.  Exercises don’t work on fat rather they work on muscles.
Fat is the energy reserve of the body that used when the body needs it.  During exercise our muscles get stressed and require energy to strengthen themselves. This energy comes from the stored fat, the body starts burning the fat. So the more you exercise the more fat burning process occurs.


Abdominal Exercise the Only Solution? NO

Myth: To remove belly fat or the abdominal fat one need to exercise concentrating on the belly region as this will give results sooner.

Truth: Working only on the abdominal region won’t do any good as they simply help in strengthening the abdominal muscles.


Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat


Myth: You can consume whatever you want including all those high calorie containing foods and exercise later to shed those extra pounds.

Truth: Maintaining a healthy diet is the first and foremost important thing that is to be followed if you want to have fabulous six pack abs.

Which do you think is the best exercise to lose belly fat?
Is it crunches? No its not. Read further to know some of the best exercise to lose belly fat.

Below given is a list of exercises that prove to be the best exercise to lose belly fat. However, a particular exercise alone can’t get you the desired results.


  • Cardio exercise
  • Core strength exercise
  • Yoga


Cardio Exercise


This is probably the best exercise one can do to achieve a flat stomach. It not only focuses on the belly region but it emphasizes on reducing fat from all parts of the body.

So cardio is not just a belly reducer its an overall exercise. 

Often people consider that doing cardio exercise is simple and follow their own ways of doing it. However, there are certain dos and don’ts associated with them too. 
The best cardio exercises include

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Kick boxing
  • Rowing


Myth: By doing any cardio workout for about 30 – 45 minutes a day at a slow or medium speed will burn your fat.

Truth: No actually it won’t. Surprised??? Find out why:

Actually when you work at a slow pace your body does not burn calories but it would rather make your muscles lean.  Its only when you work at high intensity level your body starts burning fat. But its nearly impossible for a human to do the vigorous exercise for 20 minutes or so. A new exercise has been designed which includes both fast and slow pace exercises and would burn the fat too.




This is probably the best workout that one can do to lose belly fat. It mainly involves short training sessions which help in improving the performance. This exercise is widely popular in gyms as it’s an intense and short workout which is really an effective one.



Generally a protocol set for HIIT is followed which is 2: 1. This implies that if you jog for 30 – 40 seconds then t must be followed with 15 – 20 seconds of sprinting. Please ensure that you jump to this interval training session without practicing aerobics for at least a week.

Here’s a sample of most common interval workout:

Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat HIIT



As suggest by various health instructors you can do the exercise 3 – 4 times a week. Don’t forget to give yourself a break of 24 hours between two training sessions.


Core Strengthening Exercises


The part of our body extending from the diaphrgram through our abdominal muscles to the pelvic floor is mainly the core area. This core area together with buttocks and back muscles create the powerhouse of our body. The exercise done to strengthen this core area not only increases our energy levels, maintains our movement and stability but also gives our abdominal a flat and sexy look.

 Have a look at the 10 best core strenghtening exercises: 

BACK EXTENSION Back_Extension – lie with your face down.
– exhale and lift you head towards hips.
– count till 5
– inhale and return to normal position
ABDOMINAL CRUNCHES Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Abdominal_Crunches_on_Balance_Board

– lie with your back down.
– exhale and lift your head towards stomach.
– count till 5.
– inhale and return to normal position.

BRIDGE UPS Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat BridgeUps – seat yourself on floor with arms bend below shoulders.
– exhale and lift your butts up in a straight line with head and knees.
– count till 5.
– inhale and return to normal position
CRAZY DANCE Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Carzydance – sit in a v shape position.
– straighten your right leg and bend the left knee.
– face your left side.
– count till 5.
– return to normal position.
– repeat the same process with the other leg.
PIKE UPS Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Pikeup – lie with back towards the ground.
– exhale and move your head with hands and legs towards your belly.
– count till 5.
– inhale and return to normal position
SWISS BALL LEG LIFTS Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Swissball – put the swiss ball between your legs.
– exhale and raise your legs together with the ball.
– count till 5.
– inhale and return to normal position
HOLD N BURN Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Hold

– rest your feet and ankles on a swiss ball or bed.
– be in a positi0n of push ups such that your back is straight.
– try to be in this position for 2 minutes.


SWISS BALL SIT UPS Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Situps – rest your feet and ankles on a swiss ball or bed.
– lie with back towards the ground.
– put your hands behind he head.
– try moving your head towards knees.
AB BALANCE Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Ab bal – sit on the ground with your knees bent.
– take off your feet from the ground.
– try to balance your bum.
DUMBBELL SIDE BENDS Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Dumbbell_Side_Bends – hold dumbells in both the hands.
– exhale try to bend yourself towards the lest side.
– count till 5.
– inhale and return to normal position.
– repaet on the other side.





No exercise can beat yoga in efficiency when it comes to stress relieving and belly fat reduction.

Below given are two asanas which when done on a daily basis give excellent results:


BHUNAGASAN Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat bhun
DHANURASAN Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat DHAN
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Thanks’ for your lesson. Very simple and understanding.

I bought a treadmill and was walking daily and although it had some effect to start with, I tried your pyramid with high intensity. I had to alter the low intensity to start with to two minutes as I was not fit enough but I am so pleased with the results. I have dropped two notches on my belt within weeks. I am deliberately not weighing myself as dieting became a mind game, I was craving things like chocolate and I have never really ate it before! I am just eating healthily and exercising well WITH INTENSITY!! Many thanks.

What is the minimum age possible you think someone shoudl be doing all of these at? You see im not even an adult and im just wondering if that intensity training would be safe for me.

me too im am just a kid but i have quite alot of belly fat is it safe for me to attempt some of these exercises?

hi i am a kid and i am wondering if all these exersises are safe because i am getting a bit on the chubby side thanx

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