Herbs to Lose Belly Fat


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The belly fat seems to be so stubborn. However, there are several herbs to lose belly fat. You can include them into your daily diet and feel the difference. The unsightly and unhealthy belly fat can be a major indicator of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc. with the intake of the herbal supplements you can win over your bulge battle.

Herbs to Lose Belly Fat Herbs

Herbs to Lose Belly Fat:


Here’s an A – Z list of herbs to lose belly fat.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a 100% natural home remedy that has been used as a cure for common problems since ages. It helps in breaking down the fat by acting as an appetite suppressant and is used extensively as fat reducing substance. However, one should not have it undiluted as it may burn the throat. Mix 2 tablespoons of pure apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink regularly to lose belly fat. You can also add honey to decrease its harsh taste.
You can include the vinegar by adding it to your salads.


Black Walnut

It removes the bowel irregularity thereby increasing the metabolic rate and decreasing the belly fat.



It acts like a strong diuretic which helps in alleviating the fluid retention, and its laxative property helps in regulating the digestive tract thereby acting as one of the best herbs to lose belly fat. It reduces the food cravings.

Herbs to Lose Belly Fat Cayenne

Cayenne Pepper

It helps in boosting the body metabolism to burn off the fats and also helps in reducing the appetite. It has the property of generating body heat, which starts the fat-burning process. For best results intake of 20 – 30 grams each day is recommended.



Chickweed has the capability of breaking down the fat molecules by destroying the fat cells.



Cinnamon mixed with honey serves to be a great recipe to lose fat belly.



It’s a traditional herb prescribed for those who need to lose belly fat. Being both diuretic and laxative it reduces the cravings for sugar and sweets. It is fully loaded with calcium and vitamins.



Acts as a good detoxifying agent which helps in removing the toxins from our system naturally stored in the cells which contain fats.


Herbs to Lose Belly Fat Fennel



Sometimes the bulge in the stomach may be due to bloating. With the intake of fennel seeds, you can observe a considerable difference in the stomach bulge.



The intake of garcinia enables your body to bind the molecules of fat and cholesterol thereby preventing their absorption in the body and impeding your fat accumulation around waistline.



The belly bulge is caused due to the extra calorie intake of your body. By including ginger in your diet you facilitate your body to trigger the fat-burning process.



Ginseng is commonly known as the metabolism booster herb that aids the body stamina which in turn allows you to exercise more thereby burning calories.

Herbs to Lose Belly Fat GreenTea


Green Tea

A precious ally in losing belly fat. It helps in triggering the speed fat oxidation. Its contents catechins polyphenols boosts up the fat-burning ability of the body.



It acts like a major ingredient in many fat-burning supplements. Guaranine present in guarana directs our body to liberate fat that is burnt for energy release. It also reduces the hunger cramps.



It increases the pace of the fat-burning process and also transforms them into energy required by the body.



The sugar and glucose content of the food we have corresponds to the weight gain and the increasing waistline. Ingestion of gymnema slows down the absorption of sugar by the body in that way it reduces the chances of obesity.


Hawthorn Berries

They improve blood circulation and reduce blood fat. They help with the undigested and stagnant food in the stomach and act as one of the superb herbs to lose belly fat.



It strengthens the thyroid which increases the metabolism thus enabling the body to absorb nutrients easily and reducing the food cravings. It furthermore, acts like a bulk laxative.



Acts as a good laxative and helps in eradicating constipation and cleaning your system.

Herbs to Lose Belly Fat Mandrake


Acts as a mild laxative and is good for curing constipation and helps to eradicate toxins.



It aids the body in cleansing and detoxifying. The extra weight that we have put on is basically a waste that has not been removed from the body. This nettle also gives a satiation feel after eating.



A good diuretic food and relieves water retention thereby aiding the body in weight loss.


Herbs to Lose Belly Fat Saffron


It soothes the system by acting as a mild laxative and increases the supply of oxygen to the body.


Yerba mate

It aids the digestion and gives a full feeling to the body after eating so that no food cravings take place. Its caffeine content stimulates the fat breakdown. It is popularly known as a fat burner.

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