How to Lose Baby Belly Fat after Pregnancy


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Your baby is the best thing to happen in your life. Throughout your pregnancy, you must have been too excited to watch your belly bulging out months after months.

However, things don’t remain the same after your child is born; the belly that you once loved now becomes a cause of dismay and anxiety.
Not only looking six months pregnant after the child birth, women get linea nigra (dark-brown brown line stretching from the belly button to the vagina) and a mesh of stretch marks.

Now don’t be over- stressed and start exercising and exerting yourself immediately after the delivery as you are still weak from inside.

 how to lose baby belly fat after pregnancy Baby


What Happens Actually?


As your baby grows inside you, the belly starts inflating. Similar to a balloon your belly appears full. However, baby’s birth does not mean that like the balloon your belly would pop in too. 

During your pregnancy swelling occurs in uterus and body cells, which take time to get reduced to come back to their original size. After the child’s birth hormonal changes start taking place in your body, and body starts deflating itself, however, at a slow pace. The swollen cell would shed their liquid content in the form of vaginal secretions, urine, sweat, etc.

Average weight gained by women during their pregnancy comes around to be 25 – 35 pounds. This figure may vary from woman to woman. Those new mothers who have given birth to their first child or have exercised during their pregnancy have shown to get back to their shape quickly as compared to other mothers.
It actually takes months for ladies to get back to their shape while n some cases the pregnancy pouch never goes away.
Well, what to say, you must be patient as the belly that has come to such a position after nine long months will take time too. So give yourself time and don’t panic. 

Well, baby belly reduction speed of a woman also depends upon her activity and also genes.


How to Lose Baby Belly Fat after Pregnancy Babyfat 


Tips on How to Reduce Baby Belly Fat after Pregnancy


Breast feeding

Breast-feeding is probably the best and a natural way to burn calories. Researches have shown the women who breast feed their baby tend to lose more weight as compared to their non-nursing counterparts. The body burns calories to make milk so breast-feeding is no better than burning fat. Plus it forms a special bond between the mother and child. Breastfeeding is healthy for mother as well as the child. Around 13-pound, loss in weight can be observed during the first few weeks of breast feeding.



Walking is a gentle exercise that you can do in the first three months after you give birth. Your body is not under the situation to face any other exercise and will backfire if you try doing them. You can take your baby along with you when you walk. You can go to parks, lawns or can even walk around your house.



Nursing is a workout itself. It not only makes you active but also sets off the shrinking of the uterus.


Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Don’t be in a hurry to cut down your calorie content immediately after giving birth, this would be too bad for you as well as your baby. Eating five to six small meals a day is good for you in maintaining your energy levels.  Include lots of fresh fruits in your diet.


Don’t Panic and Remain Stress Free

Give your body time to tighten up your unsightly baby belly fat. Just remain calm and take care of your baby. You must enjoy every moment of your motherhood.


Exercises for How to Lose Baby Belly Fat after Pregnancy


How to Lose Baby Belly Fat after Pregnancy Exer


The amount of exercise a new mother can do depends wholly upon her condition after her delivery like:

  • if she has undergone any delivery complications.
  • if she is too weak.
  • if the baby is too weak.
  • if she has exercised during pregnancy.


You might be discouraged by the lack of energy but don’t be so as the exercise we are going to tell you here will not only tighten up your abdomen but will also enhance your energy levels. Don’t do any kind of exercise before three months after pregnancy.

However, do consult your doctor before resorting to any of these exercises as he knows how much strain you can endure.

Post Partum AB Exercises

Crunches won’t do.

During pregnancy your ab muscles get separated due to the growing uterus, but after the child birth although the uterus might have reduced, the ab muscles would still be separated.  Therefore, doing crunches won’t affect your abs.

Post partum exercises are generally mild ab exercises and are specially designed for new mothers.
These exercises mainly focus on your abdominal muscles and pelvic floors, which have been under a lot of stress during pregnancy.

  • Keggel Exercises
  • Abdominal Hallowing
  • Floor Superman
  • Pre Natal Swiss Ball Exercises

How to Lose Baby Belly Fat after Pregnancy Swiss    How to Lose Baby Belly Fat after Pregnancy Swiss1


Diet Plan

Since you are a new mother so your body needs more calories. Don’t starting cutting out your carb intake to lose baby belly fat as this would affect your child’s health.


  • Include lean protein in your diet.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables provide the best nutrients required during the post-natal stage.
  • Include low fat yoghurt and cheese in your snacks.
  • You must have enough fiber and whole grain in your diet.


Look at the video to know more on how to lose baby belly fat after pregnancy:

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