How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Teenagers


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Obesity is one of the biggest diseases spreading wide across the United States like a wild fire. The percentage of the affected people shows that majority of the population consists of teenagers.  Studies and other things have already stressed their lives and adding further to it is the belly fat. Getting good grades in studies, hanging out with buddies, etc. are the main activities of the teenagers. The appearance of bulging belly becomes a cause of despair in them. However, it’s not necessarily due to wrong and unhealthy diet. It can be due to various other reasons such as: pre-menstrual syndrome (in girls), hormonal imbalance, hereditary (genes), etc.


How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Teenagers Teen

How to lose belly fat fast for teenagers is the most common question among the youngsters, especially girls as they are more concerned about their looks and a slight increase in their pot belly means confining themselves to their rooms, no parties and above all skipping food; staying hungry all through the day which is medically incorrect.
The growing pot belly is certainly not good for your look as well as health. However, there are certain ways with which you can lose belly fat fast.

The best ways of how to lose belly fat fast for teenagers are:


Find out the reason:

If you are obsessed with your belly fat, and you really want to lose it, then the first thing to be done is to judge the reason of its occurrence. Make a list of all the foods and drinks you have in a week and calculate how many calories you intake from them.  Average calorie intake for teenagers should be according to the given table


How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Teenagers Teenagers


  • If your calorie count is crossing the limits given above, then you just have to put a check on your diet.
  • However, if the calories you intake are nearly the same, then you must see a doctor immediately as your belly fat may be an indication of any serious problem.


How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Teenagers Flatstomach




The zero calorie natural drink, i.e., the water is the best thing to start your day with. Soon after you awake get yourself a glass of warm water. If you add lemon juice to it, the water will work wonders on your belly as well as weight. The toxins that get deposited on the fat cells get flushed out of the body with water. The detoxifying nature of water has made it one of the key ingredients of various diet plans. Make it your habit of drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water daily.


Changes in Diet


how to lose belly fat fast for teenagers Burger


Eat less fatty food:

I know you love burger, pizza and cheesy puff with ranch…but don’t you love your health???  If you have finally decided that you want to lose your bell fat, then you have to restrict your favorite fatty foods. I am not asking you to completely avoid them. It’s ok if you have them once in a month but having twice a week is not good for health as well as for your pocket money.
Have you ever counted the calories you get from the chips you gobble up during those long hours of phone conversations with your best friend or while watching TV?Munching on fruits is a better option for you guys.


Include fruits and vegetable more:

Fruits and vegetables are the food that help in removing the toxins from your body while providing you the necessary nutrients too. Grabbing a plate of fresh green salad can help you reduce your fat belly quickly.


Have more lean meat instead of red meat:

You must eat lean meat like skinless chicken or ham as they don’t contain fat in them. Similarly prefer roasted turkey or chicken to fried ones.


How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Teenagers Whole grain


Prefer whole-grain foods:

Foods like bran and whole-grain bread have become popular these days in U.S. due to their low-calorie  content as well as the nutritional value of them.

Following the above steps for 10 days will surely help you to shed around 2 inches of fat from your waistline.


A really awesome video follows to show you how to lose belly fat fast for teenagers:




Workout regularly:

Make it your daily habit to exercise. Start with walking for 15 minutes in your colony compound. After you feel healthy enough o switch to other tough exercises you must do some core strengthening and cardio exercise. You might also like to try yoga.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Teenagers Fitness

Some kids feel that doing 20 crunches a day would make their bellies go inside which is not correct. Crunches alone can’t help you reduce your belly fat. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and doesn’t focus on belly fat. You can opt for aerobics, toning, flexibility, and amplification of muscles.

Keep monitoring your weight and waistline measurement every week, which would help you in planning your diet plan easily. Don’t skip exercising as without exercise, you won’t be able to burn fat easily and quickly.


Take enough sleep:

Late-night parties or gossips should be completely avoided during your diet sessions. Giving your body proper rest is really an essential part of the diet schedule. It would not only maintain a normal metabolic rate of your body but would make you feel refresh and energized when you wake up in the morning for exercise.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast For Teenagers Teenagersleep

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yes this is a good website and i am doing the exersises and i am losing belly fat i was really fat and did not like it as all my mates were as thin as sticks. so yes the only this i would like to know is how much sleep should the average teenage girl sleep for a night.

i agree! i started using this website and now i am not afraid to wear bikini’s!

Hey :) Teenagers need a lot of sleep. Whilst adults can cope with 7 – 8 hours per night, teens should be getting 9 – 10 to be really healthy :)

ya this is indeed a good site for belly fat reduction. i lost 2 inches in the last 20 days following your tips. thanks a ton.

Sleep deprivation is closely associated with fat accumulation along the belly or waistline. If you sleep less than four hours per night on regular basis there is a probability of 70% that you will be obese. You will also find it difficult to burn fat to achieve significant weight loss. If your average hours of sleep per night are 5 hours you have a 50 % probability that you will be obese and if your average sleeps hours is 6 hours per night you have a 20% probability of being obese. You should be able to sleep 7 to 8 hours per night for good health.

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