How to Lose Belly Fat Fast


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You can call it whatever you want – pot belly, spare tire, love handles but the main fact is that several men and women are disturbed due to this non appealing abdominal fat. Nowadays, the question “how to lose belly fat fast” is gaining popularity day by day. However, adding to the agony of pot bellied people are the fake commercials that claim to reduce their bulging bellies within a week or so. Do you think their tall claims are true? No, they are just another publicity gimmick. A few of the best and cheap ways of how to lose belly fat fast are given below.


How to Lose Belly Fat Fast Fast


Keep Your Body Hydrated


Water has zero calories…Did you know that???

Water is a solution to many health problems be it reducing belly fat, weight loss or simply making the body healthier. So it’s really essential to keep your body hydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you and take it along wherever you go. It will also make you feel fuller. Drinking a glass of water before lunch or dinner reduces your appetite and will help you in lessening the intake of calories.  As suggested by nutritionist one must have at least 6 – 8 glasses of water daily. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from our body, which are basically chemicals deposited on our fat cells. Water also makes the fat water soluble thus making it easy to get out of the body.


Cut Down Fast Food Intake


What do you do when you get late from office and your kids are hungry? Order food from a nearby restaurant? This is the main reason of abdominal fat. I know getting food from food outlets is a convenient option, but it’s not healthy.  You must try avoiding fast foods as much as possible. You can try having some fresh salads. For some healthy dinner ideas click here.


Never Skip Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After you awake from sleep your body needs food to make itself ready for the upcoming activities of the day. If skip your breakfast you are starving your body. This will not only affect your performance but will also reduce your metabolism rate.


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Exercise Daily


Eating low calorie foods alone is not going to help you in getting that adored figure. Regular exercising is a must. Exercising not only helps your body in the fat-burning process, it also aids in the metabolic process. Many people think that performing crunches or doing sit ups daily will work on their bulging belly, but the fact is that they won’t. The best exercise for belly fat is the cardio exercises. To know more about exercises click here. Fibrous


More Fiber Intake


Fruits and vegetables are those fibrous foods that one must include in his daily diet. Fiber helps in removing fat from the body rapidly. It also eases the bowel movement thereby keeps the system clean. Foods containing fiber other than fruits and vegetables are: whole grains, bran, fig, etc.


Check out the given video for more tips on how to lose belly fat fast

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