How to Lose Belly Fat for Women


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Do you avoid going to a party just because of your belly, which appears to be bursting out? Why don’t you try out the given solution of how to lose belly fat for women?  Generally hormonal imbalance is the major cause of growing belly fat in women. However, other reasons like ingestion of unhealthy foods, inactive lifestyle, menopause, hereditary cannot be ignored too.

If you are a woman and have always been searching for articles on how to lose belly fat for women, then you are at the right place as here we are providing you some of the best tips and video to lose your belly fat quickly and effectively.

How to Lose Belly Fat for Women Women


Before resorting to any steps required for how to lose belly fat for women its really necessary on our part to tell you if you are leading an active life and the calorie intake is in accordance with the chart given below, then you must immediately see a doctor. As this may be a sign of some other disease that may be occurring within you, and you do not know.


How to Lose Belly Fat for Women CALORIEWOMEN


When you burn calories and lose fat you will burn fat in the same proportion all over your body. So if you want to get a flat belly with six-pack abs you need to shift away your focus from just ab exercises and take a more holistic approach that involves doing cardio and a great diet


Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat for Women


WATER A Boon for Human Health

How to Lose Belly Fat for Women Waterbot


A zero calorie natural drink …

With the intake of 6 – 8 glasses of water each day you increase the rate of your metabolism thereby making your body immune to various diseases like cold and cough,. It also boosts our energy levels by keeping the body hydrated from within.

Another purpose that water solves is that it makes us feel fuller. It is suggested that we must have a glass of water before every meal; it helps in reducing our appetite and control our food cravings. A survey done on reduction of appetite after drinking water shows that a person consumes 75 calories lesser than the one who doesn’t drink before meals. Isn’t this great!!!!

However, if you get bored with drinking plain water, then you can try drinking green tea or lemon water (best when taken empty stomach early morning). Water is proven to be a good remedy which helps in shedding a few kilos and reducing few inches of your abdominal fat.

Avoid carbonated drinks, when going for kitty parties then opt for juices, diet coke or other zero calorie drinks.


Eat Food in Right Proportion


Never starve yourself. Starving yourself is one of those wrong methods of getting a flat stomach that many people do. People fail to understand that the body requires nutrients to maintain a normal metabolism rate. Restriction your food intake will only make you weak from within which can further lead to anemia, dark circles, etc. We don’t suggest you to eat food every time, you can follow these steps:

  • Eat at regular intervals
  • Don’t take much quantity of food at a time, have small proportions.
  • Try including those foods, which are appetite suppressants.


Lesser sweets

How to Lose Belly Fat for Women Dove


I know girls have a sweet tooth, and they love chocolates but do you know how much calorie does your favorite Dove milk chocolate contains? Its 200 calories…OMG.
I am not asking you to completely give up eating chocolates. However, you can try dark chocolates. They are not only tasty (I found better than an ordinary milk chocolate) but healthy too. To know more about dark chocolate health benefits click here. This can be said eating a chocolate and getting a reward for it.


Avoid carbs

These are carbohydrates found in foods such as white rice, white bread and junk foods. These refined foods are very easy for your body to break down and convert to energy. As a result of which the blood-sugar level of the body increases and causes your body to release more insulin, which promotes fat storage. A better approach would be eating complex carbs.  Complex carbs are awesome as they require the body to use more calories to digest them.



“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” is a common saying with which all of us are familiar. However, for people with fat stomachs it should be
“A Fruit a Day Makes You Healthy, Slim and Gay.”

How to Lose Belly Fat for Women Fruit2


The high-fiber content of fruits makes them one the best foods for achieving a flat stomach. These natural foods when taken daily make you fit and fill you with a bundle of energy.
Many diet regimes include fruits that are eaten daily without any other food. These diets are also detoxifying diets that help in throwing out the impurities from your bodies.


For more on foods that help in the belly fat reduction click here.



How to Lose Belly Fat for Women Female


Getting rid of abdominal fat isn’t an easy task. You need a lot of patience and time to get back to the shape you were longing for. For this you need to be determined and should promise yourself that you’ll exercise regularly.
Exercising not only aids the fat-burning process but also strengthens the muscles which in turn helps in reducing the belly fat. You must aim at increasing the intensity or levels of your exercise regime.


Given below is a video which answers to your question how to lose belly fat for women at home:


Doing crunches or sit ups alone is not going to help you. Losing belly fat around your waist by doing hundreds of crunches is a futile effort that wastes your time. There are so many ab machines out there that promise to burn fat and give you ripped six-pack abs in only 20 minutes a week. However, we all know those claims are just not true.

Myth:  you need to do a lot of ab exercises in order to lose belly fat.
Truth: in order to burn body fat you must do total body exercises. Trying to spot reduce the fat around your waist is simply not going to work.

The best way to get the sexy flat stomach is a synergistic approach that involves total body or strength training smart cardio and a healthy diet based on your body system and metabolism.

Your exercise plan should include cardio like swimming, walking, running, biking, hiking, etc. You can start with practicing some aerobics and easy yoga postures.  Before opting for HIIT you must consult your health expert and a physical fitness trainer you will tell you the correct amount of exercises to be included.

Click here to know some best exercise to lose belly fat.

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